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None of us enjoy thinking about a time when we won’t be around anymore, but neither do we want to leave our families a burden of cost and organisation at a time when they will need peace to grieve.

Providing for your Funeral in Advance

Taking a decision now to plan for your funeral and to cover its costs at today's prices allows you to remove potential anguish for your family and get on with living your life to the full, without having to worry about what happens afterwards.

Peace of mind - Prepaid Funeral Plans

A prepaid funeral plan is a totally secure and cost-effective method of ensuring that your funeral is arranged and paid for with the minimum of fuss and at no extra cost to your loved ones. It also means that any wishes you have for the arrangements will be carried out in accordance with your instructions.

For the majority of our plans your payment will be placed in an independent trust fund which is invested with a view to ensuring that, whatever happens, there will be sufficient funds available for your funeral to take place as specified – providing a hedge against inflation, rising costs, or any change to Golden Charter’s company status.

Where you choose to make payments to your plan over a period of more than one year your plan is funded by the investment in a life insurance policy run by AXA Sun Life. With this method the sum required for your funeral is guaranteed as long as you continue to make the monthly payments.

Planning your Arrangements

You can choose from a number of standard options to match your budget and preferences, and specify particular requirements within those options. At any stage we’ll be happy to assist you in your choice and answer any questions you may have in a sensitive manner.

Pre Paid Funeral


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Pre Paid Funeral